AMD CPU Desktop FX-Series X8 8300 (3.3GHz,16MB,95W,AM3+, with Wraith cooler) box

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    • Producători AMD
    • Model FD8300WMHKSBX
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    AMD CPU Desktop FX-Series X8 8300 (3.3GHz,16MB,95W,AM3+, with Wraith cooler) box..
    AMD CPU Desktop FX-Series X8 8300 (3.3GHz,16MB,95W,AM3+, with Wraith cooler) box
    Article FD8300WMHKSBX
    Bucati in pachet 1
    Clock Rate 3.30 GHz
    Core Name Vishera
    Core Quantity 8
    CPU AMD FX-8300
    Criterii de validare a garantiei Serial Number
    Features AES instructions<br/>AMD64 Technology<br/>Enhanced Virus Protection<br/>HyperTransport Technology<br/>MMX Instructions Set<br/>PowerNow! Technology<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 2<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 3<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 4<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2<br/>Streaming SIMD Extensions 4A<br/>Advanced Vector Extensions<br/>Supplemental SSE3<br/>Virtualization Technology<br/>Trailing Bit Manipulation instructions<br/>eXtended Operations instructions<br/>AMD Turbo Core 3.0<br/>16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions<br/>3-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions<br/>4-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions<br/>Bit Manipulation instructions 1<br/>Extensions to MMX
    Graphics Adapter No
    Graphics Base Frequency N/A
    Greutatea bruta a cutiei 3.1 kg
    Greutatea bruta a pachetului 0.3 kg
    Greutatea neta a pachetului 0.29 kg
    Instruction Set 64 bit
    L2 Cache Size 8 MB
    L3 Cache Size 8 MB
    Manufacturer AMD
    Memory Channels Supports 2
    Memory Types DDR3
    Pachete (colete) in cutie 10
    Package Type Box
    Production Technology 32 nm
    Produse returnabile aflate in garantie Yes
    Retail Packaging Net Weight Carton 0.01 kg
    Retail Packaging Net Weight Plastic 0 kg
    Socket AM3+
    Supported Memory Speed 1866MHz(PC3-14900)
    TDP 95 W
    Termen de garantie 36 month(s)
    Threads Quantity 8
    Tipul de Produs CPU desktop
    Turbo Clock Rate 4.20 GHz
    Сooling Method Wraith Cooler

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